December 4, 2021

Oops the traffic


We are trapping in maze of traffic, let’s do something

Shafi Shiddique  

As we see traffic on roads, we just remember about ‘Odd-even formula’ and then suddenly a word click in our mind, that the formula should be implemented across the country, so that we can travel by hassle free.

Actually, this is not a new formula in the country while thus several formulas have been implemented in various states cities, but their names are change.

However, it is a modified formula, which begun popular in capital of the country just because of several blame game was made by the political parties, when it was enforced in Delhi on January 1. Nevertheless, the formula became a discussion point in across the country. The country’s people would have seen it with different point of views, by which it had been uplifted after denial of the Supreme Court for no moving up beyond on January 15.

However, it is truly said people of Delhi felt several benefits by this small an experiment. Low air pollution, hassle free road and traffic travel, moreover peace environment on roads. It felt like Delhiites went in the other world for few days.

pollution free delhi

This little an example put too much impact on those people, who sitting other cities of the country and finally they had demanded with their respective governments to start the formula in their cities. It is declared by this, that people of the country yet welcome of the formula.

 Even though, the Alive News correspondent asked people’s opinion on this burning topic, in which most of people positively replied with some suggestions.

The conclusion came out with the people opinions, that people should not politicize if govt. formulates any scheme for public interest, while must cooperate in the same way, so that people can get unexpected benefits from the scheme, because vehicles are emerging on the roads like mushroom and if the restraint would not impose on them then have to see worse day.

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