December 4, 2021

Godman Vs God

1Being active of Godman the real god’s value has been pale, because the god neither communicates with its devotees nor presents in front of them, so people can share their complaints or to accept their wishes could request. It looks like, the god has engaged a lot, therefore it has given license to the Godman that now you should hold my responsibility and send mankind one by one into the Haven by collecting our service fee. It should be happened like this, because we well know the God is alone and how it will handle the whole world, because Human being, Jinn, Ghost, Animals, Birds, Earth, Water, Rivers and everything are exist in the cosmos then a single god how will operate everything.

Let’s assume, everything happens according to the rules of  creation except a human being, because the rivers flow itself, air blows itself, the sun rising and setting and earth moving, it is the law of creation, but there is need of many gods for the different communities. In such condition, some people began to tell themselves as the messenger of god and all the people run behind them.

Who is the god of water, earth, sky, forest, birds and Animals, we don’t know…while they are also alive? Do they know the difference between the Hell & Heaven? Do they know about their lives? Do they store their livelihood as we collect? Do they hold a meeting like us? These all are just hypocrisy, which are followed by us (human being)…. while they have the same soul and also die like us. Human is a very selfish nature. He always thinks about himself and does everything to reach on the top. He tells himself as a prophet of the God and compels us to follow him forever.

However, I agree, this is a good idea, thereby people gather at a place and creates a religious environment, but under this what is meaning of blackmailing? If the god can gift us a precious heart, then why it will demand us a donation? Has the god’s treasury empty, which is saying to offer oblations in its homes? If it is not correct, then why do the religious contractors force to donate?

Not only this, the women and the girl child are offered in Godman’s special rooms which example, as Asaram and Sant Rampal have before us and no doubt story of Radhe Maa is on similar lines. Regrettable, thousand of priests (Baba) are emerging every day, who are enjoying to the people’s money on the name of the god and people are increasingly becoming victims of superstition. It is time to understand and people must recognizing the truth before wasting their valuable time and money and should not run behind the hypocrite, thereby our life becomes hell.

                                                                                                                                                        Shafi Shiddique

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